About us

About Us

I was born in South Africa, grew up in Zimbabwe, moved to the UK and then back to the sunshine. After working in Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, I finally settled in Johannesburg, got married and had our son.
Most of my working life was in IT and after early retirement to look after our son, I was fortunate enough to have time to explore my creativity. This ranged from making cards, to decoupage, mosaic and photography. A friend asked me to join her art class and even though I couldn’t draw a stick man in those days I found my art.
My husband died tragically in 2016 and I re-joined the work force, running the Company he left me. Three years later I sold the business and retired once more. The brush had left me but the desire to create had not. I started designing bespoke custom jewellery pieces in gold and silver with semi-precious and precious stones. It grew and so did my ideas which extended to one of a kind horse hair designs including bangles, pendants and earrings.

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It was through the 2020 coronavirus lock-down and the invitation to join a 21 day online creative challenge that I found my brush and started to paint again. My love of animals and in particular horses has kept me sane through some rough times. I adopted Flag, a broken, starved and abused 2 year old gelding from the NSPCA, and through my interaction with them, realized the unsung heroes they are, working tirelessly to help all our animals in South Africa. This is why a percentage of my sales go to them as this is the way I can help best, through my creativity.
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