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Early Days

My twin and I were born in South Africa to British parents. We arrived in then Rhodesia some time in 1961 with Aunts, Uncles, cousins and Grandparents. Out home was in Bulawayo and the bite on my face was from the family dog who wasn’t about to let a toddler interfere with his dinner. My

The Start Of My Next Blog

This is who I am now. Scarred, wrinkled and resolute. My life is written in my face. Stay posted on my blog and social media pages to follow my story.

The next 3 years

My first art teacher was a bit ditzy and loved to paint pretty. She taught me many short cuts and how to mix colours, blend and paint wet on wet. I sold a lot of my work during this time and was mostly drawn to landscapes. Most of my inspiration came from my own photography.

First painting

This is my first painting I confess that the art teacher did draw the arum lilies for me. The exercise was blending colours and shading and I was quite shocked at the result. So was my husband who had been humouring me about doing art. That gave me a laugh.

The beginning

My friends often ask me about my art and how I got into it. Actually, it was quite by accident. My husband and I were doing well at the time and we made the decision for me to leave corporate IT and stay home to look after our ten-year-old son. Having been frantically busy most