The beginning

My friends often ask me about my art and how I got into it. Actually, it was quite by accident. My husband and I were doing well at the time and we made the decision for me to leave corporate IT and stay home to look after our ten-year-old son. Having been frantically busy most […]

First painting

This is my first painting I confess that the art teacher did draw the arum lilies for me. The exercise was blending colours and shading and I was quite shocked at the result. So was my husband who had been humouring me about doing art. That gave me a laugh.

The next 3 years

My first art teacher was a bit ditzy and loved to paint pretty. She taught me many short cuts and how to mix colours, blend and paint wet on wet. I sold a lot of my work during this time and was mostly drawn to landscapes. Most of my inspiration came from my own photography. […]